5.9.2022 AP Calc  exam

5.10.2022 AP Lang Exam

5.10.2022 Vocal Music Concert 6pm

5.12.2022 AP World Exam

5.12.2022 Vocal Music Concert 6pm

5.13.2022 AP Music Theory Exam

5.13.2022 Fire Drill due for the month

Half Day Professional Development; three hour early dismissal

5.16.2022 Spring Keystone Exams window opens

5.17.2022 Election Day (Tentative); Schools closed for Staff and Students

5.20.2022 ART FEAST

5.25.2022 MDTV Film Fest

5.30.2022 Memorial Day; Schools and Administrative Offices are closed

6.3.2022 Last Day for Field Trips

6.3.2022 CAPA  PROM

6.13.2022 GRADUATION