Star Assessment

Good Morning Star Champions,

Ahead of Parent/Teacher Conferences, we wanted to share with you a new flyer we created to help support families in signing up for Star Home Connect.

For those who are not familiar, Home Connect is a feature that allows parents to sign up for email updates regarding their student’s Star performance. Every time their student takes a test, they will receive an email update. Please note that scores are not sent out retroactively. So if a parent signs up at Parent/Teacher Conferences, they will not receive an email with scores from the Fall window. But they will start receiving emails any time their student takes a Star test in the future.

The attached flyer contains all the steps required to sign up for Home Connect. Additionally, we have put in a request to have this flyer translated into different languages. Once those are available we will pass them along to you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Home Connect Flyer