The Orientation for all New Students will be held Thursday, August 31st, 9 am-12pm. 

HSA meeting for parents on the day of the New Student Orientation –

Thursday, August 31, 2023 from 9-11:30am.

It is an orientation for students only, not parents/families.  We suggest your student travel the way they plan for the first day of school, if possible, to get used to the route and time it takes to get here.

At the Orientation, students will receive paper copies of their rosters (which will be also available in Infinite Campus on Monday 8/21), learn how to access the student information system Infinite Campus, get their locker details, and walk through their first day schedules.  Unfortunately, there is no alternate date/time.

 ***All incoming 9th graders that have not taken and passed Algebra 1 in the 8th grade are asked to stay after to take a math placement test after the Orientation, if they did not take it in June already.  

This is not designed to create any anxiety or stress. The placement test is offered so that 9th grade students are enrolled into classes that will best ensure student success. The goal is to be able to offer students a course that meets them at their current level of understanding, but offers opportunity to build on prior knowledge.


Attention Families of INCOMING CAPA students for School Year 2023-24, if you missed the New Family Orientation, please see the slides, screencast, and documents found here!  Please call the school with any specific questions as 215-400-8140

All of the documents listed need to be brought to CAPA during the school day by June 1st.  Please email Lynette Barnhill (lbarnhill@philasd.org) with any questions about those.

CLICK Here for the slide presentation – CAPA HS OVERVIEW AND NEW FAMILT ORIENTATION – it contains important information linked within.

Here is a link to a screencast of the New Family Orientation, in case you missed it!

Please see the sidebar for all of the documents that need to be completed and returned by JUNE 1st!!!